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Real Life Super Heroes

Meet The Real Life Super Heroes. Learn more at Superheroes in Real Life

Top 10 Best Superhero Weapons

Top 10 Best Superhero Weapons. Sometimes Superheroes need a little extra fire power to help them save the universe. Join us for another nerdy...

Kid Superheroes in Real Life

Kids are superheroes! Thank you to YouTube Space NY for allowing us to use their studios to record this inspirational super hero video for...

Top 10 Superhero Origin Stories

Every superhero has to start somewhere - you don't just start wearing tights and capes for no reason after all. Well, maybe YOU do....

Little Heroes Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader SuperHeroes in Real Life STAR WARS 7...

Little Heroes Star Wars 7 Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader in Real Life | Battlefront Fight | SuperHero Kids Movie Episode 3 watch Darth...

Power Rangers Movie 2017 SuperHeroes Toys Surprise Opening + Power Rangers Command Center App

The Power Rangers sent Ryan ToysReview a special treasure chest filled with Superheroes Power Rangers toys from The new Power Rangers Movie that's coming...

Documentary #003 Knight Warrior [Real Life Super Hero]

We got "behind the mask" of Real Life Super Hero - Knight Warrior, a crime-fighting homeless-feeding local hero who patrols the streets of Salford...

8 Superheroes That Are Openly Gay

If you're new, Subscribe! → Back in the Golden Age of comic books, nobody probably thought twice about a character's sexuality. But times...

Superheroes in real life. Captain America & Clown. Капитан Америка и клоун.

Watch Superheroes in real life - Marvel Superhero Captain America vs Funny Clown. Смотри #КапитанАмерика видео про игрушки #Супергерои Марвел!... Superheroes in Real Life

10 Superhero Actors Who Are Best Friends Outside The Avengers

Check out our video to see who are really best friends behind the masks and capes! Subscribe to our channel: Check Out These...

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