Ninja poop trick by doodieman


this guy is hero by attacking with his poop!!!! XD Wanna see more go to



  1. in real life shitting just makes the fight easier for the enemy i learned that the hardway…. FUCK YOU DOODIEMANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. الي حط لايك على هال مغطع او حط كمنت تهنيء او ضحك على هال مغطع هو خسيسوال يستحي على وجه والي يسب هال مغطع وعطه دس لايك صدغني انه اهو يستحي ماب مثلكم

  3. Such is the power of the strange side of youtube. It lure unwitting victims to its side through innocent videos

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