DIY Blackhead Removing PEEL OFF Mask!! (EASY + WORKS)


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  1. omfg! i dont know what u lot are thinking for me she is tje prettiest woman on Earth like is she a model or something? !?

  2. hi, I was wondering is safe for my face skin to use white glue ? In here, Indonesia, has not Elmer white glue. so, do you have another idea to substitude elmer white glue ?

  3. This helped so much because I tend to have MANY black heads and I'm glad I've found a remedy that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

  4. Hi. How often would you do this mask? I tried it and it did work. But I think I need to add more glue.

  5. Did this and added some witch hazel as well. It's the only mask/medicine that leaves my face feeling clear and I'm noticing less breakouts.

  6. Don't use this face mask too often because it's not good to cleanse your pores too much . That sounds weird but it's true .

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