DIY EOS Cream Contour, Concealer, & Highlight! (IT REALLY WORKS)


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  1. You look way prettier without makeup tbh. Well that's just what I think but you still look pretty with it!

  2. Sylvia, have you ever tried cheap makeup vs high end make up, I think this would be awesome if you haven't tried it x

  3. I'm sorry girl but ur soooooo late like every one posted videos like THIS on YouTube for over 2 years ago

  4. She could've just microwaved the chapstick and coconut oil first cause then it'll be all melted and easier lmao, instead of wasting your time trying to mash it together

  5. This video is amazing!!! Wolfie Junior is so adorable!!! Btw I wanted to ask what king of dog breed this is? My sister wants dog like Wolfie jr!

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