DSQUARED2 Menswear Spring Summer 2016 Milan by Fashion Channel


DSQUARED2 Menswear Spring Summer 2016 Milan by Fashion Channel — Since 1982, the best videos, the most exclusive moments from all the international …



  1. These poorly crafted, ill-fitting schmattas look like they were thrown together by two swishy, limp-wristed, flamboyant, lispy twin brothers from Toronto. And wtf is up with those idiotic "tattoo" body stockings and the weird condom tip looking things on their heads??? People really wear this crap?

  2. Beaucoup de détails créatifs, les combinaisons tatoo près du corps génial, de la couleur mais  pas trop, une collection très réussie et inspirante.

  3. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE MONEY FROM THIS?!?!?! because I know for a fact that the styler is paid well

  4. SUPER COOL COLLECTION dsquared was so bad since fw11 collection and this collection is so cool at my opinion surfer style baggy and amazing sneakers +++

  5. What I don't understand about their shows is all the unnecessary layering, they really pile as much crap onto the models as possible and it makes it hard to look at, really these guys should know how to refine their presentation skills by now. I thought the show was crap but I'll still buy their jeans

  6. Men´s fashion keeps going in the wrong direction yet again. Clothes that are not related at all to today´s men reality. WHY? It is almost like trying to exclude men from the fashion industry rather than creating options that would be suitable for us men

  7. I really like some pieces……. as individuals
    the tatoo shirt it was  cool because looks a little realistic, i like it

  8. I really liked some individual pieces, but over all it wasn't every day clothes, and too literal I mean palms ? Scuba diving suits ? I expected more .
    I am officially underwhelmed

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