Gavin Free is a Vault – RT Podcast #390


Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss American citizenship, panic attacks, keeping secrets, and more on this …



  1. Loving the talk about Xbox faffing with Kinect adaptor and saying Apple wouldn't do ought like that, and then watching the iPhone 7 podcast.

  2. An emotional support dog is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's just an excuse so people can drag their dogs around to places they'd otherwise not be allowed to.

  3. You can tell they are building a new stage with new Podcast on it because this one is now lower. The XBOX sign is higher and so is the Light Arrow

  4. Discombobulated I think is what Gavin was asking "what's it called when you feel disconnected from earth"

  5. Discombobulated I think is what Gavin was asking "what's it called when you feel disconnected from earth"

  6. what Gavin says about Apple at 58:55 XD then they announce you need about 50 adapters to use earphones with the new Iphone

  7. I've got a Moto X 2014 and I can set the response key to anything. Right now, I have it set to "Okay, Jarvis" but for a while I had it set to "Hey, Fuckface."

  8. im studying game development in college and we were studying halo 2 and were watching the dev log of halo 2 and burnie was in it. he looks soooo different

  9. i've actually been informed that people who have other types of service dogs generally dislike emotional support service dogs because (at least in the us) you can apply for your dog to get an official emotional support dog ID card regardless of if you have any condition to justify having a service dog or not which results in a lot of problems for people with actual service dogs because it means people can take their normal, awfully trained, terribly behaved pet dogs in spaces that don't allow dogs.

  10. the harambe memes honestly spread awareness about the unjust killing of an innocent gorilla in my opinion especially since i heard about it felt bad and thought it would die down after a day (btw brandon wardell & sexualjumanji started the memes)

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