Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 227 – Pixelmon Part 3: The King of Karp


The Achievement Hunter Pokeboys continue their epic quest to become the greatest six trainers that ever were in Minecraft’s Pixelmon mod. This week, make …



  1. I like how Matt keeps saying I don't know where it is but the dumbass still hasn't gone underground and looked for it, he's just been running around up top like there's going to be a sign. Even when he's not building the LP he still half asses it!

  2. Aww, Gavin says he wants to name his next pet Columbo and a few months later he got a kitty and named her Columbo.

  3. OMFG i just got this mod for minecraft 1.10.2, not sure if this was in here before, but they have a guy with ryan's skin and he is a trader, that's so funny im listen to this series and then i see ryan.

  4. Whats the problem with gen v? Ive played all except johto and the most recent ones and i dont see anything wrong with it. It had some cool stuff like animated sprites and a sweet UI. Also, you cant say all of the pokemon were shit just cause of chandelure. You also had krookodile, golurk, bisharp, volcarona, scolipede, etc. The amount of badass pokemon in that gen definitely outweighed the crappy ones

  5. Geoff joins French dude: Code 19! -=-=- InGen dude: what's that -=-=- French dude: Asset out of containment. Asset = Geoff trying to join this

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