Music Festival Lookbook + 24 hrs in Palm Springs | Chriselle XO


LOOK 1 Fringe Christopher Kane Dress Forever 21 similar dress Saint Laurent Bag …



  1. Incredible… Loved getting to know the personality of you & your crew and the little surprise mixture of a LOOKBOOK and fun. loved it!!

  2. this was beautifully done editing and filming wise!! i love watching the high quality of your videos amazing work

  3. Love the contrast between the vlogs and the look book. Chriselle looks breathe-taking in all of these outfit shots <33

  4. Love the bits of BTS reality between the glam shots 😉 It's cool to see a bit of the process of making a video!!

  5. Love love love the editing techniques, the funky music and the bits and pieces of vlog-ing. Never fail to impress your followers with your creativity. Luv ya <3

  6. totally digging this alternating between pro/glam shots with goofy vloggy takes. it's a perfect balance of real & glam! always love the stuff you guys come up with :)

  7. So cool chriselle!! I have enjoyed this journey on snapchat 🙂 you have a bunch of hardworking team!! Have fun in Tulum… My favs is Look 2 <3

  8. Beautifully done – kudos to your team on the lighting and editing. I'm freaking out that you weren't wearing seat belts tho' 😁

  9. I loved the editing and beautifully choreographed photography! This is simply impeccable and awe inspiring! Bravo :-)

  10. these are beautiful looks but lets be honest, no one is gonna wear a $3000 valentino dress at a music festival

  11. Snapchat fam here! 🙂 I hope you're having a fun vacay in Mexico right now! So cute watching cloclo love the ocean & the pool. This is another great video. I love watching you & your team in between the outfits and watching how fun & crazy you guys are together 😛 Take care & again – have fun on vacay! xo

  12. This video! I laughed through most of it! The footage is amazing guys! Love the way its set up. Please do more!

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