Neutrals Lookbook & Fall Beauty Trends 2016


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  1. I wish you would provide the links to the exact ones you are wearing. Its like you're saying we can't afford the ones you have on. At least giving us the option is better i think. Thanks.

  2. Hi Chriselle,

    Just wanna let you know you're such an inspiration to me. I absolutely love dressing chic and I think you definitely have the most impeccable style out of so many fashion bloggers out there. You inspire me so much and tell me to keep working hard for my blog too.

    Btw I really love your top of Look1. Would you tell me what brand is it ?

  3. hey loved the cami in the first outfit. could you tell me where it is from 🙂 video is lovely and the editing is top notch -as always :)

  4. Your so tall, you can pull off anything with your model figure.
    My favorite is look #3 & the best for my 5'3" & frame
    Beautiful video

  5. the only thing that I dislike it that every outfit is always perfect if you're skinny and tall :/

  6. Thefirst and third look made me stop in my tracks.. literally. Love the style of this video, the epitome of chic (as you always are). Love you Chriselle, your content is always the best!

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