Rooster Teeth Video Podcast #281


The Rooster Teeth Podcast is back in video form! Join us for our episode originally aired on July 21st, 2014. This episode features Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, …



  1. Wow. 98 podcasts later, podcast 379, they mention the delta P video again. it's crazy that I happened to watch this podcast right after watching 379, like what are the odds of that

  2. Damn, if only I watched this when it first came out. How about 'chick magnets' as a house moto, no, OK :(

  3. I used to use a 768p monitor, nothing ever seemd to fit perfect on the monitor, not even windows. I have a new one now though.

  4. ░▄▀▄▀▀▀▀▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░

  5. Gavin not being aroused by something non human is absolute bollocks. Gears of war, he himself said he prefered being downed

  6. Really pointed out how weird like half the GoT house sayings are. Like sure, "what is dead may never die" is a religious phrase, but since they are the only people following it, who cares? "we do not sow" is pretty redundant when everyone thinks of your family as those idiots that haven't raided in decades.

    And "growing strong" is just made way too on the nose for their involvement in the series. It describes the characters currently alive, sure, but it hardly seems relevant enough to make your house words.

  7. Im Canadian and the few times ive been across the border and returned, the Canadain Border patrols are horrible. Especially if you go through the BC-Washington state border.

  8. the most emotional pixar movie i can think of is wall e just imagine if that last robot on earth was an actual person and he met some one from a ship that landed he has so much to share and do things with compared to plying music and watching that one tape he had that was at most ten minutes long and at some point he thinks he lost her but had hope she would come back online it was just so sad in the beginning and it shows how greedy us humans are

  9. Explosive decompression won't actually kill you, in the case of a plane. Even going from atmosphere to vacuum doesn't cause instant death, you actually suffocate in a vacuum. The worst you would likelt get is a burst ear drum.

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