Tattoos, Light Therapy, & more, My Beauty Confessions | Heart to Heart #4


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  1. Wow..i love how honest and cool u are sharing all this flaws and imperfections of ur's..Stumble in ur channel and luv and admire u right away…
    Never care to leave any comment in videos or channels here in You tube,but I cant resist to not to tell u how cool and chic u are..ur just amazing..
    Looking forward for more cool stuff from u..and more power…❤️❤️

  2. You are amazing!
    I am Brazilian and I've been looking for a girl like you, Who talks about beauty in a simple way. I finally found you! I have no knowledge about an Asian ancestor, but you know, people in Brazil are very diverse and i identify myself with your beautiful features! loving U

  3. i have that kerasis thing haha!!! and plenty of scars and bruises its annoying! they itch too!! I appreciate this video so so much because people spend so much time being perfect! or giving the effect of being so. thanks for the real.

  4. explaining to non-korean friends is such a struggle. they have no idea how amazing and glow-y you feel after! and korean spa food is always a treat.

  5. this is actually my favorite video you made Chriselle. you are so honest! i love it. i loved Korean spa too and one time i took my husband who is white and we both got the scrub and his skin flared up for the new few weeks. omg it was horrible. but i loved my scrubs.

  6. Man. I want to go to the Korean bathhouse, but I can't even get through a deep tissue massage. I think I would literally die with vigorous scrubbing! lol

  7. You're so beautiful, I just love your haircut! I love it so much that I got it yesterday.
    Regards from Mexico <3

  8. Can you recommend a Ultra Light device for home use? Does it lighten dark spots on face too? Thank you so much!

  9. One of my favorite video,
    Eye opening, motivational, realistic and deeply connected to accepting and being comfortable with your body!!
    Lots of love
    Hope to see more videos like these in future

  10. W heave that too in Morocco called Hamams it's amazing! You don't need to go naked I don't, I put a bikini on and get that scrub.

  11. I hate my invisalign too like it's great no one can seee it but at the same time poof it disappears – my orthodontist gave me a bright red plastic case for it now so I arty it in my purse with me

  12. Can you talk about your nose job and your jawline/chin shave surgery! I would like to hear more about that! I thought you would include it in the beauty confessions section but guess not

  13. I went to a spa like that in Turkey. I was nervous about being naked around everyone, but the atmosphere was so chill and quite liberating. Great video! xx

  14. My granddaughter's have the same skin condition, but on their arms. One of them wears invisaligns that she has wrapped in napkins and thrown away twice NOW. I feel your pain!

  15. I first experienced a korean bathhouse when I studied in SK, I absolutely loved it, and I miss it now that I am back home.

  16. can you share your experience with laser for your bruises and scars after you've 'finished' your treatment? i would really like to know your thoughts on if it's worth it!

  17. Where did you get your brows tatted? I've been researching for the past 2 years and want to go with someone whos experienced. Thanks!

  18. Chriselle, it's such a pleasure watching you be more relaxed . please do more videos like this. thanks! ?

  19. As a teenager of the 90s, I definitely jumped on the thin eyebrow train thanks to the likes of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. I got my brows tattooed just over a month ago and it is truly LIFE CHANGING. They look so natural and I don't have to do a damn thing to them, where as before, I was using up to 3 or 4 products on them just to get them right. Highly recommend getting it done if you want fuller, natural looking brows. Can't say enough good things ???

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