VLOG- FAQ with Mr. & Ms. Chriselle


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  1. I love the combination of Chinese and Korean both countries have brilliant culture and nice food what a foodie I am haha

  2. I'm curious about one thing: how tall is he? He must be really tall to be taller than Chriselle, 'cause she's so tall herself! 

  3. Had no idea that your hubby is Chinese! He looks like Korean! You guys are so cute together 🙂 hope you do more videos featuring him!

  4. why do you say that man are so simple as a disappointment?? I think the things he says or does for you are so simple yet so beautiful…..don't you get it? he loves your everything 🙂 and he shows it in the most beautiful way a man is able to…..with simplicity.

  5. im so totally loved you both guys…i hope somday i can find my right guy like u chriselle………

  6. Hi Chriselle, you're such a handsome couple, you're going to make a beautiful family

    Love this series, can you make a new one on how to mantain romance or something like that, please?

    Love from Argentine <3 <3 <3

  7. have a basketball team hahaha that is such a typical chinese (? not sure if other cultures say that a lot too??) thing!! it's said so often in dramas and such that people want to have soccer teams and basketball teams hahaha

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