30 of the Best Autocorrect FAILS Tuafunnytext


We have put a collection of 30 best funny autocorrect fails compilation. if you been in this situation you know how embarrassing things can get specially when …

Funny Text Messages


  1. Autocorrect: made it to six FAGS with the DEARTH VIBRATOR mask.
    Trying to correct: flags* Death VIBRATOR, DEARTH Vader, FARTHER Vader, DEARTH, Darth.

  2. This one time i was at my friends house and his older sister texted me thinking I was her mother to bring her toilet paper she though she was texting her mom

  3. That's so funky I meant funky **FUNKY FUCK I MEANT ***FUNKY OH MY DUCKING GOD WHAT IS THIS AHHHHHHHH! ****FUNKY AHHHHHHH! STUP IT! i give up damn you autocorrect

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