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  1. I'm still lmfao when the dad said 'hey remember that song that goes like a cheese stick'. XXDD

  2. There was one time where my dad was texting me and he texted "honey can u help me find my phone?" And I texted "LOOK IN UR HANDS!!!!!"

  3. anyone notcie how the person on the left is the name up the top but sometimes becouese its fake they switch it around?

  4. I don't text my dad because he doesn't know how to text back even though he has a better phone than me LOL😢

  5. if I text my dad it's for food and food only if he text me about anything but food I ignore him he can call me for that shit

  6. My dad doesn't know how to text, yet he has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I've tried to teach him. He just does not understand "You type what you want to say, and click send."

  7. no I don't, cause that'd be dumb. I have a sick humor and I'd get grounded. I'm only 11 id prank him with a I'm pregnant or something bad like that so no

  8. Once when I was out late my dad checked in on me and I asked why as I'd messaged him a little bit before… his response: "house just checking on you"… Glad the house was concerned but I have no idea if he was! 😂😂😂

  9. My dad lives in texas because he has liver cancer. but, he sends me pics of all the awesome animals and bugs that live there! and, he is coming to visit me next week! im bery excited

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