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  1. My Big Bro and I sometimes text like that XD Fooooor example!
    Bro: Do you love me?
    Me: Of course I do XD
    Bro: This is his girlfriend you piece of shit! Leave my man alone!
    Me: This is his younger sister you bitch! Cheat on him and you're dead!

    Here's ANOTHER example!
    Me: Duuuuuude, get me some fuuuuud plez!
    Bro:Na uh! You get it yourself!
    Me: B-But I said pleeeeeaaaase TT_TT
    Bro: Fiiiiine! I've got a feeling I'm gonna be stuck with you forever
    Me: YOU'LL NEVER GET RID OF MEH BIG BRO!!! Bow down to your master!
    Bro: Shut it or I'm not getting your food
    Me: kashkuma! I bow down to you! Totally not doing it so I can get my fud!

    But then here's this one that I found while I was looking through all my texts! So technically my Bro texting as me XD Don't know how this guy didn't know it wasn't me though XD We're in a GC
    Bro: Hello mortal! This is Maka here! Do you want to go out with me?
    Bro's friend: How did you get my number?! And seriously?! You'll go out with me? Sure!
    Bro: H-How long have you l-liked me for?
    Bro's friend: I've liked you for so long! Ever since your brother introduced me to you!
    Bro: Do you want to know something? I've been wanting to tell you this for a year now.
    Bro's friend: Sure! What is it?
    Bro: Touch my fucking sister and I'll kill you! We may be childhood friends and friends now, but I swear, I won't hesitate to murder you, you piece of shit!
    Bro's friend: Oh shit! You saw nothing Joseph! I don't like your sister!
    Bro: She's fucking 2 years younger than you! Go find another girl! You can choose anyone of them except for my girl and my sister!
    Me: Uhhh, Big Bro? You know I'm in this group chat, right?
    Bro: Heeeeeyyyy sis!
    Bro's friend:….
    Me: Seriously Bro XDD You're too overprotective!
    Bro: Meh, you love me anyways!
    Me: And we all know where you got that sass from! It's from me obviously!
    Bro: Suuuuuuuuure
    Me: I'll kill you Bro XD Shut up! I totally gave you my sass

    And that's it! No worries, of course it's freaking long! I also apologise to people who aren't allowed to swear if you read this

  2. I get funny text one was: "bro..? Where u have u been all night? Bro: "why?" Me: couse..?" Bro: with my girl— wait what?" Me: … Bro: sh**t 60 bucks and a gift card. Me: ………

  3. My brother sent me idubbztv memes in a group chat and the other person was like "Who the other person?" and i was like "Me betch" and my brother was like "woops sorry" and i was like "Sorry my ass" I was in a bad mood bc my brother exists

  4. My brother hates me but we do text each other ………only when we play games…….and trying to kill each other

  5. 4:32 Yup, a nerf sword will DEFINITELY stop a guys with an ax. Also I'm gonna assume when they said mace it was the chemical kind instead of a club with spikes.

  6. Isaac (my brother) said I'm coming to suck ya dick I said wtf bro he said oh stupid auto correct I meant I'm coming to fuck yo ass bitch ( we are straight 13 year olds both male) I replied back with I bet you can't get in my room (I locked the doors and hid) he used the spear key to my room from Mom and came in my room looking for me (I was hidden in the closet) my phone went off (Daniel texting me) Isaac opened the fuckong door and tryed to have gay sex with me wtf I called Daniel to come over and help me but Daniel thought I was joking so I punched Isaac in the face and ran down stairs screaming

  7. These were literally all from the same three people. Most of them at least, maybe all I just didn't notice

  8. I sent my sister a video of a cat being crushed on an elevator and she never texted back.

    I should of been more sensitive towards her feelings, that bitch loves them elevators.

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