Funny Text Messages


  1. Ummm if I had to live with people like the ones who made those texts especially the "husband and wife" I would shoot myself in the nuts, sit in a baby pool of green jello and pig slop, and listen to Justin Bieber till I gouged my eyes out with a rusty pin. No wonder people are staying single. Note to schools the world over, teach people to formulate a thought properly!!!!

  2. That pc password.. It never says that. When you try to create an account it may tell you that you need more secure pw, and maybe its too short.. But when you have already created pw, it does not say its too short or too long or whatever. It just tells that its incorrect.

  3. The weirdest thing I ever did as a kid was those snap glow in the dark brackets I wore one and being the smart kid I was I put it in my mouth ( I used to put EVERYTHING in my mouth) And in the middle of the night my mouth was growing neon green! I though I got poison from it because it was glowing when I woke up./ I had a pet ant. / ate a fly / pet a wall / though mud was ground chocolate and ate a LOT of mud / bit the end of a pen the end broke and I almost got like led poison / I ate erasers / ate hand sanitizer / rode my uncle like he was a pony / I bit a kid / I used to bite people if they annoyed me or something I bit them XD / I swallowed 10 pieces of gum / got sick of of eating to many gummybears/ and a lot more shit.

  4. Tracey these are pretty good but.. All the pics are the same and it's clear in every video that it's you that looks them up and copies or something like that… They aren't real you made them up, please… like what is the point at least say something like I made these up try out some pranks blah blah but I know that you made them and although they are good I know they didn't actually happen which makes the joy and laughter pointless.. come on… like cuz I like likes it's like the best thing like Donald trump 420360 get blazed scope rip

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