Top 20 Funny Awkward Teacher Texts Fails 2016 Tuafunnytext


Top 20 Funny Texts From Teachers.

Funny Text Messages


  1. Me and your teacher r gonna bang tonight. Gotta hate auto correct. What correct I'm surprise, IM MOVING OUT


  3. one time my teach texted me "I can't wait to f**k you tonight"and I texted back A+'s on all my grades and I don't say I word about this

  4. Why do people have their teachers numbers?! Honestly I think it's kind of weird. We just email at school.

  5. i texted my mon and i said ME hey mom i am coming home from school i was turn on the sign MOM how can you turn on a sign ME I MEANT TURN THE SIGN (turn the sign means that i turned around i was a little stupid YES THIS IS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I WAS at least 7 when i texted this) *mom*lol okay come home safe

  6. Im am 91 and fought in WW2 and the funny thing was i met him in War. He died in Action ofront my eyes

  7. write on the chalk board at class: turn down for ____. teacher will possibly say turn down for what.

    worked for me at least

  8. I sent my teacher a message asking if he has time to tooter me after school, and he said cant we do something else? come over to my house at 6:30 ok? i said um why, he said because i like you and want to see your face 🙂 i said fuck you

  9. So I texted my teacher about a question he helped me and then texted on accident "I just texted my student Tracy,and I just want to duck her so badly" and my mom saw it and was pissed

  10. My teacher likes bad jokes, so I would say, "I thought up a joke about my left butt cheek. I'd tell it to you, but it's pretty HALF-ASSED!"

  11. sometimes, autocorrect says the weirdest things. I typed "come over here" and my phone autocorrected to "cum over here" …I have never typed the word cum before now. wtf is my phone

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