Top 40 Worst Neighbors Texts Fails Tuafunnytext


The worst and funniest neighbors texts fails compilation Beach Bum – Happy Rock by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license …

Funny Text Messages


  1. I'm guessing there's a separate website with interactions between Sasha Psycho and her neighbor? If not there should be, because it seems like there's a LOT of them! They could probably do it like a daily journal, almost.

  2. If I was the 11 year old daughter and I saw that text I would beat the living shit out of my neighbours

  3. 0:37 Hey it's true… Parents who let their kids get fat are horrible people… Fat people are not okay…. (Unless it's a medical condition in which case I'm very sorry for you condition   :(…)

  4. 3:43
    Hey can you turn your shitty music down?

    That's my 11 year old daughter practicing for her school performance.

    Than can you your daughter she sucks?

    And can you tell your daughter she swallows?

  5. 1:39

    ah. yes. if I was in this situation I'd be the "sasha phsyco" but it'd be different. instead of checking people out to date em'. I'd check em' out to kill them. lawlalwlallwlaw

    help me

  6. " Hey I just saw you on tinder " " That's akward. Swipe left. " LOL XD but meh I mean I could have apartment romance withe the new sims expansion pack lol

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