15 Minutes of We Happy Few Gameplay in 1080p


An extended look at the E3 demo showcased on the Microsoft stage for We Happy Few. ———————————- Follow IGN for more!



  1. I read 1984 novel by George Orwell.
    I think this game is adapted from the novel because Redactor scene looks similar just like in the book.

  2. There's another game similar to this, I don't think it's this one. But the person was walking around and a bunch of people with creepy smiles were all over and I had to sneak into a building? And they were all "howdy" and their heads would follow when you walk by? I can't remember what it was.

  3. whats the point of this game other then walking around n the woods. yea the previews seem so much better . well glad i didnt buy this game

  4. Equilibrium is a movie where people live in dystopian society, taking drugs that supress their emotions. Everyone who feels is a "Sense offender". One day, the main character (Christian Bale) does not take his dose… looks pretty similar to me.

  5. I downloaded a Trial of this on Xbox One, this part of the game, up until the chase scene ended, was very VERY Good and very Immersive. The Movement felt like you moved a little too quickly, but other than that, this is great. But after that? when you escaped the uh, little underground room and go up to the surface. It felt a lot like that game called "Spark" except with a first person view and it felt really stupid and pointless, but then again i had no clue wtf i was supposed to do. I mean, if the whole game could consist of content up until the chase scene, this would be a damn masterpiece if you ask me. I'm aware it's in pre-alpha and that's fine. But all im saying is is that once the game is finished, i hope the game in its entirety are like the first few minutes.

  6. This looks good. The story reminds me of The Futurological Congress.
    However, I think the player should have been made to experience more of the illusory world first before being presented with the real world.

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