Batman Arkham VR Gameplay FULL PLAYTHROUGH (PSVR)


Dan is fulfilling his dream of becoming The Dark Knight in Arkham VR! Subscribe to The Creatures ○ The first title on our list to try out on the …



  1. First time on this channel. Who is the waste of space in the red hat? I wont watch any more of this channel because of him.

  2. I don't know who this red hat fuckwad is, but he's ruining the video. This channel would be wise to kick him to the curb.

  3. Did you see how disappointed he was when he looked down and saw a broken dick? Poor Dick..(why do i get childish when i hear that name..)

  4. This was a really enjoyable experience and shows the potential of VR, but it was way too short. I'm waiting for full length games to start rolling out before I invest in VR. Everything still feels like demos.

  5. I just wanted to thank Dan for playing this game even though Jordan and Alex wouldn't shut their mouths. Obviously we're trying to listen to the game and what Dan is thinking. You two aren't playing so your opinions aren't valid.

  6. The couch commentary just don't work, this would have been better as a solo experience or on dans channel. It would have been fine on a game like Until Dawn, but we all know dan loves batman, and to see this outcast commentary added just doesn't help a lot.
    No hate of course, just trying to voice an opinion that don't matter.

  7. Dan ily so much but this will be my first time ever disliking a video, because Jordan seems very demanding and wouldnt stfu. I hope he reads all these comments and changes

  8. Why Jordan doesn't leave the creatures?
    Even knowing that Dan is a huge fan of batman is just annoying how he yells at Dan..

  9. those fuck heads on the couch need to shut up. you guys aren't funny, your just annoying dip shits ruining the video

  10. the game honestly isn't worth much in my opinion. batman rarely talks and there's absolutely ZERO combat, ya know, FOR A FREAKIN BATMAN GAME!

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