Batman Return to Arkham Gameplay (Arkham Asylum) PS4 Gameplay


Batman Return to Arkham Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Arkham Asylum Gameplay PS4 60fps 1440p (for better youtube quality) ▻Subscribe For More 😀 …



  1. It would mean the most to me if someone gameshared this to me on xbox my gamertag is VotableAura251 i would owe them my life

  2. why r u playing this game on the ps4. this game is better on the xbox one. and this game isn't even out until the 21st.

  3. I don't know what's worse, the fucked up mouth or the fact that Batman has cameltoes on his forehead.

  4. Fyi this game has a brightness setting for reason, play with it lower n I'm sure you'll see tgis is much improved

  5. I FREAKIN LOVE IT all you really have to do is turn your game brightness down worked fine for me

  6. I played batman begins game and all the Arkham games but I prefer the old one better if it was like that but higher graphics if you get what I mean

  7. Why did they change Batman's face? Batman's face in the original game was absolutely great, this one is kind of eh..

  8. jesus christ the face of batman urghh i can't stand this remodeled horrendous shitty face man
    his face was way more better and perfect in the original batman arkham asylum game to be honest just what the fuck is this? you call this remaster yet batman's face looks like shit? HELL NO!!!

  9. This would be so much better if it was 60fps and batman didn't look so expressionless all the time, apart from that looks great

  10. i would love to know if there is still a contrast option for the brightness for arkham asylum? the only game i know that had this type of option for the graphics. i missed it in arkham city and knight.

  11. no offense.. but.. game riot earns – $19000 – $22000 per month.. with present number of subscriber..

  12. game looks great. Can't wait to replay these games. Could do it on PS3 but this is just easier than setting up the PS3

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