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  1. How cool would it be if DICE put in the disconnect mechanism for the Mars pistol.
    For people who don't know, essentially the bolt of the MARS pistol stays locked behind as long as you hold down the trigger (well for the later models who work better).
    What's the point ? Strictly none, except too look cool and be true to the original pistol

  2. Great vid and great plays. The only thing that I don't get is how your hipfire shots are so accurate lol.  I can have them in the center of the cross and the shots fly so far off screen that they nail my neighbors dog..

  3. Why doesnt he use the sight with the pistols? does it make the hitboxes bigger the or something?

  4. Does anyone else think the audio in this game is way off? For instance you here the horse when someones on horseback from waaaaay to far away and it throws off your perception of where the enemy actually is. Also sometimes I turn out because I hear someone yelling and it's no one. It's your own character, behind enemy lines fucking yelling giving you away. It makes 0 sense. It's not just the horse btw, I think the audio direction and distance is way off on everything

  5. look's like he is on a low lvl server trolling moron's who aren't even reacting to him was painful to watch and scout's are the easiest class by far no skill req.

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