Battlefield 1 Pigeon Gameplay – Most Speechless Scene Ever


PIGEON Gameplay! This scene in BF1 left me speechless. DICE really did their best to show what The Great War (World War 1) looked like in Battlefield 1’s …



  1. World war one was not as violent and action packed as bf1 potrays it. infact, when two groups of enemy soldiers, met up, they'd often throw rocks and shout insults at one another until one group went away.

  2. No idea what the other guy was moaning about because there is no way this plan could ever have failed- after all it is well documented that it's impossible to lose a Homing Pigeon. If your Homing Pigeon doesn't come back, then what you have lost is a Pigeon.

    Sorry, I'll see myself out…

  3. This is even better without the HUD. I played the game without HUD from the beggining and made this scene 10 thousand times better.

  4. Well this is what you have to do in WW1 risk your life to help and kill yourself for other peaple for freedom to win the war for your allies. and the bad part is you only die once and never be born again maybe i dont know.

  5. Is it bad that this made me tear up? I'm really glad they're treating ww1 with the emotional weight that it deserves

  6. Since we are talking about Messenger pigeons.
    Check this article about possibly the most amazing pigeon in World War 1, Cher Ami.

    She successfully delivered a message that saved 194 soldiers despite having been shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, covered in blood and with a leg hanging only by a tendon.

  7. This scene bought back all the emotions I buried when Aeris died….thank you battlefield for reuniting me with my humanity…..

  8. I couldn't take this seriously, I had to pause the game to get a hold of myself. I was laughing my ass off

  9. Lol does anyone elses sound cut out around 1:22 mark on the Ps4? Totally kills the immersion, the soundtrack just cuts out and u can hear the german soldiers yelling instead of the soundttrack.

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