Civilization 6 – Norway on Islands Map – Ep. 1 | Civ 6 Gameplay


Welcome to Civilization 6 Gameplay! I’m playing the Civ 6 Preview build as Harald of Norway, on an islands map, against 7 other AI controlled civilizations!



  1. Moving your settler was a bad call, that spot you chose would have been 3x river bonus for a commercial district, but now you can't build one there.

  2. can you do civ 5 trick where you build city on the west where only one tile of land separates 2 seas, and your ships can just sail through it?

  3. This time Marbozir slightly off track. Oh well. I've seen that ice block coming as well and would had founded the second city SW of that location. Also because i don't like much settling 3 spaces between city centers.

  4. I think the island campaigns can be a lot of fun! Glad to see how this is going to go!
    Cheers, Ivan :D

  5. I have a patented anti-barbarian technique for island maps:
    Have Line of Sight over the entire island so nothing can spawn. That's why I enjoy small island maps in civ 5, it can be surprisingly easy to remove the need for a land-based army and put those resources into the naval and colonization fronts.

  6. There is one advantage to settling your cities where you did, at least if this were on a much harder difficulty setting-neither of those cities can be taken be melee ships, an enemy would have to bring a melee unit via embarking to reach you.

  7. Bummer start – Think I'm with you 100% on starting the first city along the coast on that map type. Oh well, just moderately annoying (even though you would say "slightly")!

  8. You could have an amazing start if only you settle your first city one tile southwest on the plains hills on the southern coast. Immediate boost to sailing, plus one extra production in capital. Research sailing first, and you're producing the Viking longships almost immediately, clearing barb camps and tribal villages with the coastal raiding ability, and probably meeting city-states and maybe even a civ.

  9. A cool industrial era naval support unit would be the icebreaker ship that allows naval vessels to traverse the thick ice at the poles. Might look into modding this in when the game comes out.

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