Days Gone – Gameplay (E3 2016)


Der Rocker-Zombie-Shooter Days Gone befindet sich noch in Entwicklung. Zum Artikel auf Golem auf Facebook: …



  1. looks like one of the only zombie games with a huge quantity of zombies like left 4 dead,
    thank god, i'm sick of like fighting 4 zombies at a time

  2. after buying a ps4 again its good to know.2017 going to have great games and thanks to black friday and boxing day got some good

  3. this is my zombie game idea: you play as a guy named (insert name here) you have to try and survive as long as possible, The out break started when scientists were trying to mix fungus and bacteria to make a Delightful type of superbrick! but, the Super fungi can mix with a lot of things… including rabies and quartaceps (sorry if that name is messed up a little) The out break spreads. If you die, you become a class of zombie: reg, frostbitter, puker, or bomber but… if you make it to the goverment area a cut scene plays… All of the scintists were bit and they nuke the area…. You die they die EVERY ONE DIES. THE END

  4. Seems like a nice game and all but there's no way in hell I'll buy a PS4 just to play this thing. After being used to high frame rates on PC, playing on a console feels pretty laggy. Controllers are also the worst thing for FPS/TPS games. You just can't turn as quickly as you want and the precision is shit. There's a reason most FPS/TPS games on consoles have the option to "lock" on targets.

  5. looks good, like 1 of those games you want after a crappy day at work or school. just mow down zombies.

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