DEATH STRANDING Gameplay Trailer The Game Awards 2016


DEATH STRANDING Gameplay Trailer The Game Awards 2016.



  1. Right interesting. dead WW2 paratroopers and a squid controlled Sherman Jumbo. Modern soldier with the ability to control the connection between warriors. so this is interesting. Kojima what is life

  2. I'm I the only one who thinks kojima should quit gaming and go to movies? he'll really bring out some inane theories and put an end to this overly diluted superhero era

  3. Now, I'm a Hideo Kojima fan through n' through, but i can only suck his dick for so long. WHERE IS THE ACTUALLY GAMEPLAY?
    If it turns out like his castlevania remake, i'm not gonna buy it.

  4. The best revenge of Kojima to Konami is when they find out that that baby is Solid Snake in the Capsule! 😀 now that would be badass!

  5. im tired of this secretive bullshit either show me what the fuck it is or im not buying it at all.

  6. Basically the enemy is Aliens, some man-made Black Sludge Weapon, or Demons, and the baby is the last savior, immune to it/a weapon against it. All I see is hype hype hype, and another plot that makes logical people facepalm, plz stop doing bullshit plots with holes everywhere it's annoying as fuck. Like every MGS game ever, you literally throw in stuff without having a story that ties in. Just new convoluted up-the-ass things you throw in last second to make it seem "cool and political". If you can even call it that. :/

  7. I kinda get the thought they the soldiers are resurrected WWII soldiers. They have similar attire.

  8. So the video loops, I just realized.

    I looked away for a few seconds during the on stage segments and when I looked back I was left thinking to myself, "What the hell? Didn't I just see this?"

  9. Still havent a clue what this garbage is… using celebs images as a means to portray the game is applause worthy.

    Wow…4k res </sarc> what is the game!?

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