DEFENSE OF THRANDUIL’S BORDER – Third Age Total War Gameplay


Third Age Total War Gameplay – Mordor has sent a massive army to invade the woodlen Relm. Thranduil gathered as many troops as possible, about 4000 to …



  1. Cool the video, but his strategies are pessimistic and biased, classic mistakes of troop positioning. You do it in order to benefit something faction. This amount of Elven troops would defeat the enemy.

  2. The worst part about anything done with Medieval is that the cav charges have zero impact. Units just stop next to each other and it's my biggest problem with the game tbh. Sweet ass knights. Awful charges…

  3. And what kind of sub-mod installed on top of the third age? Just don't remember the elves on the reindeer)) And the model in the original.

  4. Hey pixy I have some suggestion for Kuri and syn Paladin bob the seige of angband or the battle of wraith for third age reforged unless bon doesn't have it but ask the other tow for me please.

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