DRAGON ATTACK! Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Gameplay [Facecam]


If this makes it to 1000 likes, I’ll do a Pokemon Sun and Moon full playthrough with facecam in November! Our first look at Sun and Moon in action is amazing!



  1. Tricky! u have been tagged by kangascloud to make your pokemon team! go to his channel for more information

  2. Do a top 10 pokemon fusions that could take over the world!!

    plz don't yell at me if she already made it

  3. Tricky I was play my Pokémon x and if coumarine city and go to the second house before the bad lands and talk to the boy in the house it plays an unwavering heart!! I can't believe that

  4. I always mentally move the decimal place over two spaces whenever I get money from trainers, since that seems more realistic. Like each Poke Pound is actually just roughly a penny, not a dollar.

    "Is it a Granbull?"
    "No, it's the Blue Badger :D"

    Karma sounds like a Pokemon with that meow. My cat just sounds whiny.

    Hey Tricky, are you gonna Nuzlocke SuMo or just do a straight playthrough?

  5. zubat and chespin = Austin type: leaf psychic specials move: leaf crusher description: flying through the night sky crying inside

  6. Since this vid hit over 1000 likes I cant wait for the full facecam playthrough complete with enjoyable comments and adorable moments compliments of tricky…. Love ya 😉

  7. can u do a Pokemon fusions pleeaase and if do my Pokemon is evee and pikachu and its a normal and lighting type and some dark and thank u!

  8. don't get rid of the z ring cause 1 of the alolah guardians uses it for a special ability that does 9,999 damage but you can only use it 1ns per hour in real time

  9. (Pokemon fusion comment)
    Delphoark (Delphox,Zoroark)
    Unique Move: Mystical Fire storm
    Description:It likes to create illusions inside others’ minds. These are so realistic that people and Pokemon often believe it is reality. It likes to pull pranks.

  10. Seriously im not sure if this channel has been dead for a while cause i watched a video from here in 2015 and its still in recent uploads

    Not to hate…sorry for constant post..

  11. This was so cute and fun to watch. Your cat is also cute. I also enjoyed riding around on Tauros, especially when I have it in a constant state of charging to bulldoze through those breakable rocks, even when there aren't any rocks to break. It makes getting around much easier.
    The commentary was enjoyable. I would enjoy watching a playthrough of this game on your channel. It would be neat to see which Pokemon you would use on your team. That, and sharing your thoughts and opinions on the newest trailer with the fully-evolved forms of the starters and Battle Tree.
    Hope that you had a nice Halloween!

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