Final Fantasy XV Countdown Retrospective – Day 40: TGS 2010 Gameplay Clip


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  1. "So yeah, despite this footage being shot with a potato…"

    That killed me a little more than it probably should have.

  2. Oh I remember this so well! I was so hyped! It's so weird.. back then after I saw this and read about the 2011 conference in January I thought, no I was sure that I would be able to play the game late 2011 or sometime in 2012….certainly not beyond that…..Boy was I wrong!

  3. I hope we'll see some more of the desolate type areas further down the game, it's good to have a mix of life and death within various environments.

  4. This footage was something like lost soul aside nowdays lol. fucking amazing but its clearly 60 fps and its played on a high end pc. belive me this game would look nowhere near as good as this footage

  5. One thing about the ravaged world of vsXIII, some vsXIII showed lush, green forests as well. And some FFXV footage shows similar landscapes to what was shown here in vsXIII, like the road to Hammerhead with the dry, desert environment and broken telegraph poles.
    Though I don't get why blood was removed from the game.

  6. I have to say, I thought FF Versus 13 was way more different from FF15. Now that I started watching this series, I have come to realize that the game really stayed the same – only the Name changed.

  7. Yong are you going to talk about the Nintendo nx after the teaser tomorrow or just not talk about any Nintendo news? just a curious subscribers

  8. I'm actually gonna miss this feeling of anticipation, leading up to the game's launch. I may be the minority though.

  9. There's no way I'm getting through 14 final fantasy games before this comes out. FF1 is kinda long!

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