Final Fantasy XV — First 45 Minutes of SPOILER-FREE Gameplay!


We’re here with the first 45 minutes – spoiler free! – of Final Fantasy XV, the much-anticipated open world sequel that’s heading to PS4 and Xbox One on …



  1. I was told to watch FFXV kingsclaive prior to playing the game. It was a pretty good tie in to the game and explained things a bit more.

  2. For classic combat fans, you can make it similar to the original combat of previous titles. Go to main menu,options,combat, enable wait. Every time you stop moving game stands still and you can scan an enemy and what not.

  3. love the Final Fantasy Series. This one looks more realistic than ever. Don't like that women are exposing their chests like this though. so stupid.

  4. So, what exactly is this game summed up? Is it free-roam? What kinds of monsters are there? Can I get clothes and hairstyles to customize my guy? These questions all come from someone who's never played this series but is highly interested in doing so.

  5. Push the car ADVENDTURE game/Hold ONE button to steer and gas game/ Road with the view game/ The GAY game.

  6. I'm prince Noctis, I will soon be the king and I have a fancy car.. but I need to borrow 1,000 gil from a mechanics daughter and I sleep in run down trailer beds. When my father is killed, I don't show much emotion but it's ok… some chef just sent gave me the task of finding a tomato.. he said "it would keep me busy". I'm currently on my way to grab my chick who I'm about to marry .. it is taking me and my friends days, some dog got to her overnight with the journal I wrote her on the way.. he must run really fast.. it's okay my friends are sitting around the tent making buttered toast and taking photos.

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