Friday the 13th: The Game World Gameplay Premier!


Your first look at early-alpha gameplay from Friday the 13th: The Game! Take an inside look at how you’ll control and utilize Jason, as well as witness means of …



  1. I can't fucking wait to see Anita Sarkeesians video on this.

    *Uses footage from the trailer but claims its her own gameplay.

    "Jason it a epitome of male paternity, he is depicted as a over masculine hero traveling around slaughtering innocent women in order to assure his male dominance and to oppress there sexual freedom, the player is forced to feels Jasons hatred for all women."

    *While a woman's voice echos in Jason's head.

    "that's my boy Jason, Kill them all! Make mommy proud."

  2. I have a few things to say
    And ask
    First of all, how much is the game going to cost? I tried to find it but i couldn't
    Second, how do you survive and/or do the objective if the game, if the killer can litteraly TELEPORT in front of you,and he can see the sound you make??????
    Also, whats the objective of the game?
    I think it can be improved
    But its a great game from what i can see

  3. Im giving out beta keys for this game for people who cant get one! Come watch my latest video to find out how to win one!

  4. I accept that he can teleport cuz look his speed and size of the map and explain me how can he catch other people it would take forever and dont worry he cant teleport in front of you in case he didnt see you cuz i believe they put a range of his teleporting ability and about x-rays it would be better if it shows when noise is make…looking foward to this game im big fan of him :)

  5. hey I like were the games heading but I think u guys should add proxcimity chat so its more realistic so if you scream a little jason will know your there and so suriviers can help each other but any ways good job looking ready for it im so excited

  6. really? jason's mummy keeps talking in his head. i swear the voice over was straight from the psycho movies?????

  7. Back in high school, I had played Jaws Unleashed. Prior to playing that I had seen ALL of the Friday the 13th movies. I used to say that it would've been awesome if they had the same concept with the Friday the 13th franchise. That they should maybe make a game that ultimately looks like this.

    But this game looks far better than what I had imagined. Since it's modern graphics instead of PS2 ones. I should've known it was a good enough idea that someone with the talent to make it a reality would have it too.

    With all the video releases, I've pretty much seen ALL my "oh this would be AWESOME" ideas finally take shape and become a full game. You guys are amazing. Definitely gonna be getting this when it comes out.

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