I WAITED 6 YEARS TO PLAY THIS.. The Last Guardian – Demo


The Last Guardian is here and it’s awesome, first part of the gameplay WATCH PART 1: Thanks to Sony for …



  1. I love how the kid in this game is so ridiculously strong for no reason, haha. Also, How can he fall 3+ stories without taking damage!?

  2. i noticed the gamestop guy at my location is always so sad and depressed like he were to jump off a bridge any minute lol . why do Gamestop guys hate their life Pewdie Pie ? :(

  3. "If you have a pet this is relatable"
    Yeah, I'm struggling to type this because my asshole cat won't stop waving his tail all over the place. He keeps hitting me in the face and covering the keyboard.
    Ffs he's five years old when is he gonna grow up.
    (Never, I hope)

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