ITALY OPERATIONS! PUSH FORWARD! | Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay Funny Moments (Iron Walls)


Battlefield 1 has officially released for those who have the Early Enlister edition! In this gameplay I get my first hands on with Operations, a campaign-like …



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  2. Just found your channel, this is really entertaining to watch. First youtuber I've found that can be funny without cussing my ears out, keep up the good work Mr Fruit! You earned a new subscriber!

  3. Im pretty sure if ur team loses on the offensive twice in a row u lose permanently but if u lose then win then lose then win u keep going

  4. I like the maps are laid out in such a way that you can use proper tactics, I usually stay on a elevated ridge while my team mates flush the enemy out. The enemy is so busy trying to kill me when they only have iron sights they lose their spacial awareness so my team mates are able to take them out at close range. Great game, I think that Titanfall 2 and Infinite Warfare are going to be lame ducks by comparison BUT most people are getting Infinite Warfare for the remastered version of COD 4 anyway.

  5. The female announces is SO out of place, I still don't understand why they did that… Why can't they do it like bf3 or bf4. It was a fitting voice and it filled the immersion. This one ruins the immersion for me tbh

  6. Mr Fruit, you are much worse than me 😛

    I can teach you the ways if you pick me up and main a Hunter in Destiny :P

  7. can someone please give me battlefield 1, ill be your salve for a year. PLEASE! im so freaking jealous towards the people playing this magnificent game. _. im freaking poor btw. just bought my gaming pc last year tho. im still gathering the money to pay the bills.

  8. I loved watching this. It seemed like everyone else sharing MP footage was just whining the whole time. I'm getting tired of that.

  9. Next time try dropping your bombs, you could have taken out that AA gun. I see you finally figured out how to use the syringe…

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