NieR: Automata (2017) 15 minutes of Gameplay Video – PS4 [1080p]


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  1. Все что я понял – Накатика наябука, акататос Енемис.

  2. I came here because the creator of this game doesn't give a fuck about pussy ass SJWs and now I'm much more inclined to purchase this game.

  3. 敵モブが凶悪そうでかっこいい方が海外にウケそう

  4. me during the wole video:How the fuck can she run so fast with highheels ?? HOW THE FUCK CAN SHE RUN SO FAST ON SAND WITH HIGHHEELS ???!

  5. What is up with some people's pronunciation of that title? Wouldn't it sound closer to automatic, than onomatopoeia?

  6. I've played the demo as well it's looking way better than Final Fantasy XV (15) with a release date for March 7th 2017

  7. i can't get over the fact that the scenarios seem dull and overall boring to look at, same thing with the robots, the retro style is cool the first time you see them, but it just looks like you'll be fighting the same type of enemies with slight changes hour after hour, i really hope to see different enemy types. I really like the combat and the story looks promising, but it just looks boring visually and it could even get repetitive.
    i would say that the game looks to easy, but I've played the demo on hard and i ended up loosing all my health thingys and dying a lot

  8. I don't understand all the hype for this game.. It looks like a bad version of devil may cry(I didn't watch the whole video cuz it's boring can someone explain why people are hyped?)

  9. Automata is pronounced with the stress on ''to'', just like in the singular form ''automaton''. I don't understand why you'd pronounce it as autoMAta.

  10. I wonder how good this will play on keyboard/mouse though, or if it'll be one of those games when using gamepad is essential

  11. Platinum games is the only dev that doesn't suck or needs to resort to "realism" to make good games nowadays.

  12. Just letting the guys at platinum know that I'm not watching a lot of videos because I have extreme faith in this game. My body is ready.

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