P.T – Demo Walkthrough Part 1 PS4 Horror Gameplay [HD]


PT Demo for PS4 which is actually called Sillent Hills starring Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixion, announced at Gamescom, here is a walkthrough of the demo …



  1. at 11:05 i seen something really quick go by on the ceiling, this shits crazy its hard to watch it would take me a year to get through this damn game.

  2. If only someone could make a J-Horror game based on "The Ring" with graphics of this, gameplay of "Alien: Isolation" with Sadako instead of the alien and sound effects from the "F.E.A.R." game. Masterpiece ready.

  3. I'll always have a spot in my heart for this unfinished masterpiece. This game has scared me more then any other game has thus far. I WISH another company would buy this game out and finish it. It had such a good puzzle solving concept and the sound effects are creepy af. I couldn't even play this alone the first time I picked it up hahaha.

  4. 10:25 I didn't notice when I played only now watching this that when the radio says "The father hung himself with a garden hose they had in the garage" the lower muffled part playing in the background of it says "The father hung himself with an umbilical cord they had in the garage"…crazy

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