Star Wars Battlefront – Gameplay of Playable Y-Wings B-Wings and More! Supremacy Skirmish!


Check out Star Wars Battlefront – Gameplay of Playable Y-Wings B-Wings and More! Supremacy Skirmish! NOTE: This is a MOD of Battlefront by …



  1. then this is a sign that people will go play battlefield if they want to go online. hopefully they learn their lesson and bf2 will have heavy singleplayer.

  2. This is a disturbing mod and to use this online is cheating, because those fighters are to overpowered (look at 2:36).
    Besides that they can take a lot more damage too.

  3. Now, THIS is what I'm talking about. DICE just needs to make these babies officially fully playable (complete with cockpits and secondary weapons/abilities) and give us (at least optional) full yaw/pitch/roll flight controls as well as cockpit free-look and we're fucking styling. B)

    I NEED the Y-wing, baby. Oh, hell yeah.

  4. Omg I died 7 times in 1 fighter squadron match just because of B-Wings, and 2 times from Y-Wings… they 1 shot you I had 100 health, just spawned, activated a speed boost and then, HERE COMES CAMPING B-Wing…. they should call it Bitch-Wing ……

  5. I honestly don't understand why these ships aren't playable. This would seriously make fighter squadron so much more interesting than having to choose between 2 ships on each faction.

  6. Why is everybody complaining about online? Just get good! I'm playing with a cast and I'm only dropping 70 something a match on walker assault.

  7. I would not be surprised they make more modes and maps available in Skirmish because Battlefield 1, Infinite Warfare, and Titanfall 2 are really going to lower the player base from Battlefront when people are buying and playing this years AAA shooter games like BF1, TF2, and CoD IW.

  8. How does it feel to know that almost everyone on the EA Battlefront forums hates your shitty channel?

  9. I hope for a special ability the B-Wing gets the death star laser they had in Rebels, but it wouldn't recharge until you spawn again but it one shots your target. That would show why they're overpowered now

  10. Does anyone know if EA will be finished with DLCs for Battlefront after Rogue One? I'd love to see more added to the game but I'm sure they're transitioning to Battlefront 2.

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