TOTEM POKEMON!! | Pokemon Sun & Moon Special Demo Version Gameplay w/ TheHeatedMo – Part 1


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  1. Speculation this is the son, and or daughter depending on which you choose later, of Ash….Ash-greninja, no name on letter, moved from Kanto.

  2. Wait.. I'm confused. Only in the Demo your already chosen as a boy named sun with a greninja right? And in the real game you can choose your gender, name, starter Pokémon ect?

  3. "They have cops in Pokemon?"
    Yes, Mo. Like the one in Cerulean City who you can chat with prior to fighting the Rocket Grunt who gives you the TM for Dig. Or the ones on the routes bordering Goldenrod City who will fight you at night with their Growlithe. Or Looker, who has been in every game since Platinum. :P

  4. I clicked on the video wanting to watch it but I might get the demo soon and I don't want spoilers so I'm just sitting here crying ?

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