Tyranny Gameplay – Obsidian’s new RPG (Sponsored) – P1


(Sponsored by Paradox Interactive) Preorder available here: After I played Pillars of Eternity last month, …



  1. Did this guy really make a 1 hour video on the character creation screen? Seriously work on your content hahah if you had a boss youd be fired…

  2. yeah no i got to 18 min and skipped some part… just cant finish it… He is just to annoying and loves looking at him self… Sorry but your vids don't do it for me…

  3. Еverytime then i see people like this letsplayer, i remember prophetic movie "Idiocracy"…but anyway thx for early gameplay vid.

  4. Big fat thumbs down and blocked channel. 56 minutes of character creation on "Sponsored" video? So much fail

  5. Definitely will not see an objective, unbiased account of this game. Thank you for the honesty at least.

  6. "This is actually the first paragraph that you read when you are signing for a student loan."

    HAHAHAHAHA wait shit oh god the debt. I just made myself sad.

  7. I beseech you! launch this game on macbook 13 pro 2014-2015 PLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I need to know if its possible to launch it!!!

  8. That cartoon style cutscene bullshit made me want to vomit but the game itself looks tempting as a modern Icewind dale/Baldur's Gate offspring

  9. Lets appreciate, for a moment, this moment momenting right this moment. Momenting as we moment the moment. Ahhhhh.

  10. dude, 😀 never watched any of your videos, never heard of you before. Your face honestly lighting up when you started this video just made my bad day so better.

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