Uncharted 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue / Chapter 1 FULL GAME!! 3+ HOURS!! (PS4 1080p HD)


Uncharted 4 Gameplay Part 1 – Uncharted 4 Walkthrough Part 1 – Uncharted 4 Review, Multiplayer, Chapter 1, Trailer, Playthrough and more!! I’ve got the FULL …



  1. I loved this game but would you shut up and just play you don't have to talk through the whole damn thing!

  2. I never liked this game.. but I like watching my brother play all 3 before this one.. I have this game that came with the bundle it's still in its package.

  3. Getting an Xbox one and a PS4 tomorrow. This game comes with the PS4 I'm buying and can't wait to play it. Guess all those Assassin Creed games gonna come in handy with all the climbing. =)

  4. Yes I get the ps4 on Monday coming with uncharted 4 might even upload some videos for it gonna be lit

  5. its like really fun i beat it in like a couple of days i got it on christmas and beat it last night

  6. Dude this is boring I have it all you do is go on adventures and stuff I like fps and war so it's boring for me

  7. hey what's up nice gameplay.I just started mines with the same game.I would love it if you subscribe commen and share tbh

  8. 2:21:34. I never passed that part. that's why I'm done playing Uncharted 4. I tried everything to pass that part but I never passed it.

  9. GhostRobo I found your channel through… Ironically, Uncharted 3 and later found it again through Telltales batman.

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