Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay – Clowns (PSVR PS4 Let’s Play Commentary)


Until Dawn Rush of Blood Gameplay – Clowns (PSVR PS4 Let’s Play Commentary) Until Dawn Rush of Blood …



  1. and did you turn the settings down for the game cause it kinda seems alittle jagged and blurry, idk if its the VR or something but still good gameplay

  2. i like your video for this game dude, much better cause you arent talking a shit ton and doing stupid moments that try and be funny and stuff, gets super annoying but wish you just made the game sound a little louder, but big ups on your video good work <3

  3. OK so wat the hell is the point, I see the until dawn title and I'm hoping for at least something similar to the game but all I see is target practice

  4. GREAT EFFORT NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even without VR this thing is super scary!

  5. This game in VR is unlike ANY game played before. The intensity of the immersion will cause you to sweat and raise your heart beat. is if fun? Yes!!! in a spooky scary way.

  6. This is creepy as hell! I enjoyed it so much! And I can't even imagine being immersed in the VR! I wish I could play this game myself!
    You always make the best gameplays Nic!!! Great job!

  7. be dope when they make gun controllers.have a release buttom that slides a mag down on rails & you have to push it back in to reload and cock the gun to shoot

  8. Okay I don't normally watch this channel, but seeing all the hate in the comments is pretty pathetic. I understand constructive criticism and saying he should discuss certain things or telling the guy how to keep fans happy, but straight up calling the dude boring or lame isn't gonna do shit. Like, honestly what is that achieving?

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