Mr. Bean – Episode 1 – Mr. Bean – Part 1/5


Whether he is in THE EXAM, for which he doesn’t know the answer to a single question, or ON THE BEACH where he is trying to change into swimming trunks …

Mr.bean Cartoon For Kids


  1. This reminds me of my childhood. Back then on german childrens Television, besides SpongeBob and Kim Possible this was probably one of the most entertaining shows ever. Too sad I don't find it remotely funny anymore 😡 An undubbed show with a social failure as main character. It was perfect back then. I really sound like a fogey

  2. That mini is an orange 1969 BMC MkII model and was written off in an off-screen crash at the end of the first episode! It was replaced by the more familiar 1976 British Leyland citron green Mini for the rest of the series.

  3. The exam is the best one. Lesson: Never be afraid to ask questions. If he had done that, he would've found out about the trig paper.

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