Mr. Bean – Episode 1 – Mr. Bean – Part 4/5


Whether he is in THE EXAM, for which he doesn’t know the answer to a single question, or ON THE BEACH where he is trying to change into swimming trunks …

Mr.bean Cartoon For Kids


  1. Ιερα μονη που πηγε ο Mr Bean το Αγιο Δημητριο το Μυροβλητη Θεσσαλονικης.Θα κανει σε ενα γαμο και να κοιμηθει στη εκκλησια

  2. How did mr bean manage to pass his test when he can't even reverse properly? I would love to have his examiner. ;-0)

  3. At 0:14, I clearly noticed that the man in the deck chair is actually blind, as Mr Bean discovered. I have no idea what the vicar is saying. Mr Bean's blowing-his-nose sounds a bit too loud and sounds like he's farting. Him moving the wet snot on the lining was a bit gross, then putting it back into his pocket and wiping his hand on his trousers afterwards was a bit unhygienic. I even agree with Mr Sprout making that face at 4:14 because it was gross.

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