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OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean recreates the nativity using toys in a shop at Christmas. From Merry Christmas Mr Bean. FOR MORE BEAN CLICK HERE: …

Mr.bean Cartoon For Kids


  1. I'm not exaggerating when I say the one time I saw this as a kid, was the funniest thing I had seen in my life. For years afterwards I would watch Bean hoping this one would return. Finding it on YT after all these years was really cool.

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  3. and the fact in the end, the store manager, he could have just gone up to Mr.Bean and made him stop, but he grabbed a policemen figure and "played' along! see, even he had some fun too but still not allowing bean to continuing to play

  4. hahaha one foot in the grave's Mr swainey there at the end……. x. ( Owen brenman is his real name if anyone is wondering) x.

  5. suolders: dandadan dadadadandandan dandan dandan dandandandan

    mouses: shhhhhhhhhh!!

    suolders: ……………………

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