5 Seconds of Summer – Amnesia (Vevo Certified Live)


5 Seconds of Summer – Amnesia (Vevo Certified Live) Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! …

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  1. This live audio makes me cry!! I can't 'try not to cry' for my life!! It's just, the song is already kinda sad and then the live version has the guys like, giving it more meaning!! LIKE IF YA AGREE!!

  2. wow someone tell me why i just watched this again bc i forgot how much it fucked me up the first 283 tIMES!!!!!

  3. was i the only one here that laughed when the audience went almost tone-deaf at "sometimes i start to wonder was it just a lie"

  4. I went to SLFL this year on July 22 with Soundcheck, and when the boys sang this at the show, I swear I almost bursted into tears be uses we all had our phones and glow sticks out during the song, and we sang it super loud as well. My mom went to the show with me and she loves this song too, she said she liked the way they performed this song 🙂 I just love 5SOS so much, they're amazing at what they do, & I simply adore them.

  5. 5sos is so fucking perfekt and hot. My dream is 5sos. my babe is 5sos and i love the guys so fucking much. guys? i love you so much 💘

  6. I love the band, but the lives… omg, awful.
    I'm a little monster, then i always see Lady Gaga slaying with great vocals. Maybe i'm just looking with Little Monster's eyes.

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