Ariana Grande – Into You (Vevo Presents)


Ariana Grande – Into You (Vevo Presents) Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! Dangerous Woman album available now: …

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  1. What I love about Ariana is that when she performs she sounds the same in the actual song. Like for example, one direction has an accent and they make the song good when they have an accent. But Ariana doesn't. That's what I like about her.

  2. Dia das crianças no Brasil, e eu ganhei o maior presente vir aqui e poder escutar a Ariana em mais uma bela performance

  3. That way of finishing a performance is TOO disrespectful to the public, the crowd. You have to finish a performance with the public in front of you, not in your back.

  4. Wow Ariana! You went from inocent Cat to licking dounuts and trying to be all that in a bag of fritos. LOL! Your still cute. TRY HARDER.

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