Bastille – Pompeii (VEVO Presents)


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  1. How neat that they filmed this on "attractive hipster 20-somethings get a free blue plastic bracelet day".

  2. So like years ago these were the first videos I watched of Bastille…and now watching them again I'm getting some type of post-traumatic stress. I remember first watching these and thinking it was cool that three other guys helped Dan out….ooow it hurts to admit it. But coming back the chorusy-bit pause was still as awesome as ever, especially with Kyle and Dan's talky bit.

  3. I get the feeling when he says "The Walls Kept Tumbling" I think of The eruption of Pompil oh wait the name of the song yea!!!!!

    Sorry for the spelling

  4. Dan is such an amazing singer! I love this song, which is why I covered it myself – check it out on my channel! (It's acapella) Let me know what you think!! :-D

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