Chris Stapleton – Fire Away – Vevo dscvr (Live)


Chris Stapleton – Fire Away – Vevo DSCVR (Live) Traveller available now: CMA New Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist, and Album of …

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  1. we need a new category of music….real country and pop country…..luke bryant and the like apparently have no idea what real country music is…..i love country music but im dissapointed in the direction its heading….ive went back to my classic rock station because country music nowadays is worse than pop music ever claimed to be……chris is one of the few country musicians who would be appreciatted by some of the legends like willie and cash and waylon and hank sr….

  2. Great song by a great singer – very raw and emotional simplicity! If you like this – check out "Ballad of a deadman" and "This Year" by The White Buffalo. Both great singers who went under the radar for too long….

  3. just so you know, there is MUCH MORE TALENT, than you SEE!!! this man ALREADY KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS THE END RESULT TO SOUND LIKE. Meaning, GEEKING ON SOUND, and TODAYS MUSIC PRODUCTION, abilities, I'll GAURANTEE you… the mics, the GUITAR, the pic up, you get the idea, this man OBSESSED OVER THEM MUCH!!!! and I personally feel with out his true counterpart, his AWESOME WIFE!!!! he would not be as far today,,, shes a great writer, & a BETTER WIFE, & a much much better MOTHER!!!! he can also ROCK IT OUT!! check him out with jompson brothers! and then check out ANOTHER MOST AMAZING NEWER ARTIST, hitting the radio that is! none is new, just new to you! there is no such thing as overnight success.. anyway sturgill simpson is his name! medicine springs listen to it first!!! 

  4. I'm an 18 year old Brit from London. It's safe to say I've grown up in an environment that's had absolutely no influence from country music, unlike many of the southern states of the US. However, I have come to the conclusion that the country genre definitely holds the most raw talent out of all other forms of music. Every single country artist I've listened to has flawless vocal ability and a range that makes the Himalayas look inadequate. Whilst many country songs do not appeal to me, I definitely appreciate music like in this video. If you've not guessed yet, I am a hardcore music lover. The music I grew up with was chart music, such as pop or rap, so believe me when I tell you that I'm glad I decided to explore music further.