DNCE – Jinx (Vevo LIFT)


DNCE – Jinx (Vevo Lift) Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! …

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  1. It is a crime that this song is not on their debut album, this is so wrong. Even the dumb Pay My Rent is, and this masterpiece isn't!

  2. We love this song. But We're whispering, We're whispering, We're whispering
    'Cause We don't wanna jinx it

  3. Amazing song, how am I hearing it now for the first time?! Also, real quick, I think I'm slowly falling in love with Cole! Keep doing what you do guys, you rock! <3

  4. essa musica é muito inspiradora da um calma na alma melhor musica DNCE sempre arrasando nas musicas👊

  5. 5,555th like! xD
    It's such an underrated song! I mean, personally, I, myself, have never heard such a perfectly relate-able song with that "crush" phase of relationships. Right from Jinx to 11:11, it has got it all! What more do you want?

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