Halsey – Influences (Vevo LIFT)


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  1. I love nirvana and I'm only 10 years old I was born in 2005 and i owe all of my love of old songs to my father all I listen to when I was a kid was nirvana and marelin manson and outher old songs ond bands I love old songs and i think she is doing an amazing job with the whole retro theme

  2. Listening to Halsey share her musical influences and what she likes I can't help wanting to know if she's heard Sinead O'Connor? Sinead's first album Lion & The Cobra which was released when she was only 17 years old ticks all the boxes of what Halsey says she likes in a female artist. In fact Halsey reminds me a little of the young Sinead. Both are brutally honest, write poetically and are their own women who are not afraid to go against what is expected of them as women. Wonderful to know young women who don't fit the stereotype have Halsey like I did Sinead.

  3. Pretty sure she's the only person on the planet who can be adorable when saying "I look like the First Lady on LSD."

    Just recently got into Halsey, and I love her. She comes off as a really cool person too, which is a huge plus.