Justin Bieber – Justin Meets Kate (VEVO Australia Doc)


Justin Meets Kate

Tua3 Music


  1. Can i kiss u on ur cheeks Justin… Luv uhh Justin… Seriously u are a gentleman… U are so adorable… So amazing person u are Justin…I have never seen ur type of gentleman… Luv uhh Justin… Belieber Forever and Everrrrrrrr…´╗┐

  2. dearest plss meet me i am a big fan of you. I have only one mission in my life and that is meeting you. I cry everyday for you and pray to god that i meet you. Everynight in my sleep, i dream about you and me meeting and suddenly that dream becomes a nightmare cuz you go away. pls visit india. it is a very large country with lakhs of beliebers. my room is full of your collages that i made myself. i am 13 and i dared to have a tattoo in my palm of your's despite being aware that i might become a school dropout but i cannot stop loving you. you are my idol, my heart, my life. my life is nothing without you. you say that you love all your superfans,then why don't you meet them? sorry if i was rude, dear. i was always by your side from the beginning. your smile makes me smile. when your sad, i feel bad and cry. i remember when everyone in the classroom hated you, i secretly had extreme bieber fever. and once i got it, it never went off. when i appreciated you, and my classmates rebelled and i had a tug-of-war with them. then i started being hated by my classmates because i loved you. then, i made them slowly realise that you were not bad at all. instead you were such a sweet person. and now my whole class awaits you. as i realise that i cannot meet you, i am slowly drifting apart from the whole world and becoming lonely and drowning in deep water. save me, my love. pls contact me, i wanna meet you one way or another. sorry again if it felt rude. you taught me how to believe, else i might have got dissapointed . you taught me how to face life . you taught me that there are probs in life, but you have to face them. you taught me how to live your life. i am forever yours, justin.
    your biggest super jumbo extra large belieber´╗┐